Songwriter Coaching

SongWriter Coaching

Songwriters often wonder about the quality of their songs. While they may like them, they wonder if their songs need tweaking or improving to be on par with elite songwriters.

Our songwriter coaching service brings our expertise and experience in helping you improve your songs.

submit songs and lyrics

1. You Submit Your Songs and Lyrics

Send us your song music file and lyrics. Your song can be a work tape, demo, or lyrics only.

lyrics and melody

2. We Analyze Lyrics, Melody, Structure and Rhythm

We understand that songs have intangible qualities that make them succeed or fail, but we’ll rate your song as a whole, highlight your song’s strengths and weaknesses, and analyze lyrics, melody, structure and rhythm.

Nearly always, songs have areas that are great and areas that aren’t, so we’ll point out specific elements that we feel are solid and areas that need improvement.

We’ll schedule a phone call with you to discuss your song(s) and also provide complete, detailed, written feedback that you can keep for your records.
For this comprehensive review, we charge $75.

Interested in Song Coaching?

If you’re ready to get started or have questions to help you make a decision, please contact us and we’d be happy to chat with you.

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