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We take great songs and get them heard by industry professionals

Crafting a great song is hard work,¬†getting that song to the right artist or record label at the right time? That’s hard work, too. While we can help you improve your songwriting abilities, our real strength as a company is our song pitching (songplugging) service.

Establishing, growing and strengthening a social network in the music business takes time. With more than 25 years of music industry experience in the Nashville market, this has proven to a major contributing factor when getting songs through the door.

Here is how We Pitch Your Songs

song plugging submission

1. Song Submission & Selection

As much as we’d like to accept every song that is submitted to us, truth is, many songs aren’t good enough to pitch, either due to poor demo quality or weak lyrics or melody. Since our reputation is on the line every time we pitch a song, we have to ensure that every song we represent is high quality.

We’ll review your song catalog together and determine what songs we feel confident representing and pitching.

song pitching sessions

2. Song Pitch Sessions

We are constantly expanding and strengthening our network of Nashville artists, record label executives, and other music business professionals. We keep track of who is looking for songs and schedule ongoing, frequent pitch sessions with them.

In pitch sessions, we present the songs we feel are most fitting to their needs. While very few songs are actually selected (usually due to a matter of opinions of the song) and cut on albums, occasionally a song is such a good fit that it is selected.

song plugging reporting and contracts

3. Reporting and Contracts

Each month we send you a report of what songs were pitched, to what artist/record label, and what the results of the meeting were. We value transparency and make sure you know what is going on with your songs.

We don’t have a long-term contract, which gives you the freedom to use our service as you need it.

Even songs that become hits are often pitched many times before finding success, which is why we recommend you try our services for at least 6 months.

songplugging prices

4. Prices

We offer our services for a monthly fee of $300 payable on a month to month basis.

Ready To Get Your Songs Cut?

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